10 Beauty Products I’m Obsessed With Right Now #2

Alli Kelly

Lately my skin has been negatively responding to my stress level, so she’s getting all the attention I can give her. I’m also making a conscious effort to switch to as many clean skincare products as possible. As I get closer to the big 30, I’ve noticed that my skin has gotten more sensitive and responds to chemicals in a new way. I’m not perfect and still have some heavy chemical-based skin care products, but I’m doing my best!

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Another little disclaimer: When I talk about “clean beauty” I’m referring to products that are safe/non-toxic, have transparent ingredient labels, and are typically plant-based. These products are usually free from harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. 

Daily Use

Cocokind Revitalizing Eye Cream

Stress has had a really big impact on my sleep as of late. Because of that, I’ve been waking up with some serious dark circles and sad-looking under-eye skin. The Cocokind Revitalizing Eye Cream has helped hydrate my eye area and bring some brightness back to my skin during the day. 

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Summer Friday's Super Amino Gel Cleanser

This gel cleanser is truly my favorite everyday cleanser. It removes my makeup without any issue, gets the grime off my face, and makes me feel like a new person after every wash. It’s gentle, which is important for my skin, but still does the dirty work you expect from a good quality cleanser.

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Youth To The People Superfood Ait-Whip Moisture Cream

I use this moisturizer every day after washing my face and applying my Vitamin C oil and honestly, it’s a game-changer. Having a good moisturizer is a priority to me when it comes to skincare, because so many of our skin issues come from dehydration. This keeps my skin moist, evens out my skin tone, and even helps control hormonal acne! 

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I know what you’re thinking. “Meditation is not a skincare product.” I know. Stay with me. We know that stress can cause breakouts. This is caused by the blood vessels constricting and the body deprioritizing normal blood flow. Because of this, the muscles and organs get all the attention, which leaves our skin defenseless to pre-existing issues. Therefore, we meditate to reduce stress, promote healthy blood flow, and nurture healthy skin. 

Throughout the Week

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

I do a Gua Sha facial massage every other morning to help with inflammation in my face and my favorite oil to use with the sage Gua Sha stone is the Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. It smells amazing and leaves a light layer of product for me to easily glide the stone over my cheekbones, with excess to rub into my skin after the facial massage.

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Skinfix Resurface+ AHA/BHA Enzyme Exfoliating Pads

I use this product about three times per week and think that truly is the perfect amount. These pre-treated exfoliating pads are strong, but not damaging to my sensitive skin. Since bringing it into my regular skincare routine, I have seen a big difference in the way my skin handles acne and obtains a brighter complexion.

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Dry Body Brush

Let’s not forget the skin on the rest of our bodies! I use this dry brush a few times per week to help with blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It may feel uncomfortable at first because the brush bristles are not soft, but trust me, they need to be rigid! Quick lymphatic drainage lesson: The lymphatic system is linked to the immune system and cell health. Your lymph nodes help with detoxing, therefore dry-brushing for lymphatic massage directly impacts your immune system!

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Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask

When I’m feeling like my under-eye area needs some extra care, I switch in this mask for the Cocokind eye cream for deeper skin penetration. It’s applied like normal eye cream, with care and fragility. Every time I use it, I wake up looking bright, ready for the day, and usually concealer-free. It’s that good. 

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As Needed

The INKEY List Succinic Acid Acne Treatment

We all know that for many, breakouts are a natural part of experiencing stress. When I wake up with a breakout, the first thing I do is run to my bathroom and dab this acne treatment on those pimples and have myself a great day. This acne treatment works wonders and doesn’t dry out the skin around the pimple — like many do. Another great aspect of this product is that it’s green, so it automatically counteracts the redness of any breakout!

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Rose Quartz Facial Roller

I store my facial roller in the freezer for two reasons: 1. It wakes me up in the morning and kind of kick starts my day, and 2. Cold products constrict blood vessels, which helps with firmer, tighter skin and also helps to soothe damaged skin (like sunburn). This is something I would use on the days I don’t do a Gua Sha facial massage, to mix it up! 

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What I find works best for me when dealing with stressed-out skin, is to give it exactly what it’s asking for. Looking dull? Brighten and tighten. Dehydrated? Moisturize more frequently! And most importantly: do everything I can to deal with my stress to take the pressure off my skin.

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