10 Beauty Products I'm Obsessed With Right Now #3 - The Sustainable Edition

Alli Kelly

More than likely when you’re searching for a specific beauty product, you’re looking for the product itself. Hyaluronic acid, retinol, gentle cleanser, etc. and once you’ve found the right product, it practically leaps off the shelf (or your screen) into your hand. But before you run to the checkout, have you ever thought about the packaging your product comes in? It’s great to have clean skincare, but that doesn’t equate to being environmentally friendly. This round, let’s look at brands that are making waves with their sustainable packaging.

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Pacifica Glow Baby Super Lit Booster Serum

Being from the Midwest and not getting a ton of sunlight, my skin tends to look dull on a regular basis. This Vitamin C serum is a lifesaver for bringing some brightness back to my skin. And the price point is wallet-friendly. Pacifica is also intentional about minimizing its carbon footprint and continues to revitalize its sustainability strategy over time.

Shop the serum here.

Upcircle Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil

If you’re looking for a serum with a little more pick-me-up, this one has coffee oil, which helps stimulate cells. Upcircle’s tagline is “high-performance skincare for you and the planet,”  they’ve been nominated for multiple sustainability awards, and they are certified Plastic Negative.

Shop the coffee oil serum here.

Tata Harper Superkind Softening Cleanser

This facial cleanser is top of the line when it comes to skincare for sensitive skin, plus it’s vegan and cruelty-free. All Tata Harper products are made with sustainability in mind from recycled glass bottles to paper products derived from sustainably-managed forests.

Shop the Tata cleanser here.

Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash

This body wash not only smells amazing, it feels great and the bottle is made from recycled materials that were collected on the streets of California. Bathing Culture also offers gallon-sized refills as an option for a refill and is working on more sustainable initiatives.

Shop the body wash here.

Milk Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30

The Sunshine Skin Tint from Milk is one of my current must-haves and I know it will only grow in importance in the coming months. The coverage is glossy and beautiful and bonus: SPF 30 in every bottle. As a brand, Milk is doing a ton in the sustainability space. In 2020, they launched a new in-store product display system that utilizes 63% and they continue to launch and relaunch products with refillable cartridges! Crazy enough, there’s more, but we’ll let you read the rest for yourself.

Shop the Milk skin tint here.

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Dieux Forever Eye Mask

The best thing about these eye masks is that I can choose what product I want to utilize by the day. Some days my eyes are puffy, some days they are dry. Whatever the situation, this reusable eye mask allows me to change it up as often as I want!  Forever is not a joke. This eye mask is made of silicone and can be washed and reused on a daily basis. The logo has been said to stay on the eye mask for an entire year! 

Shop the eye mask set here.

Ethique Solid Shampoo Bar

Born in the New Zealand kitchen on Ethique’s founder’s home, this unique product comes in solid form and is totally plastic-free. This particular bar is for sensitive scalps and is incredibly soothing. So far this brand has saved over 13 million plastic bottles per their sustainability methods.

Shop the shampoo bar here.

Elate Cosmetics Create a Capsule

You’ve heard of a capsule wardrobe, but what about capsule beauty? Elate is setting the standard when it comes to minimizing waste with its offer to build a cosmetic capsule that allows consumers to pick refills that fit into designated compartments, rather than continuously buying a new packaged product each time.

I highly suggest creating a capsule of your own design!

Everist Waterless Shampoo Concentrate

This shampoo concentrate is activated once added to water, which eliminates the typical addition of water that sits in most bottles of shampoo. The tube itself is made from aluminum, which is much easier to recycle than plastic and the tube key is made from zero-waste material. It’s a win-win.

Shop the Everist shampoo concentrate here.

Modern Botany Multi-Purpose Oil

Not only are all products made from natural ingredients, Modern Botany uses recyclable glass bottles, and Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) lids where possible. The Muli-Purpose Oil is good for cleansing, hydrating, and healing and comes in a 250ml bottle to refill your original.

Shop the oil here.

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