10 Upcoming Artists Everyone Should Know

Sana Kothari

If anything good came out of the pandemic it was time to pursue hobbies. As life returns to normal, many of us consider that free time a long-gone dream. However, some artists have truly used the past two years to hone their skills, document their talents online, and gain real popularity and momentum. Read on for artil’s choice of artists to keep an eye on!

Sarah Hambly

Official Hambly

Sarah Hambly gained notoriety on TikTok for her fantastical sewn masterpieces; creating everything from warrior princess outfits (complete with leather, corsets and armor) to her take on popular celebrity style and movie character costumes. Her transparent behind-the-scenes construction of her pieces, sewing tips and tricks, and styling of her creations has made her popular in multiple online communities, enabling her to release a retail line of corsets, shirts and skirts. Most pieces are priced within the 100 USD to 300 USD range, making her creations relatively accessible. We definitely expect increasingly special pieces in the coming years, so she is definitely one to keep an eye on!

Instagram: @officialhambly

Website: officialhambly.com & sarahhambly.com

TikTok: @officialhambly


UCLA Musical Theatre major Paravi Das, also known by her social media alias @pxrxvi has been making waves on the internet since she started her TikTok account in 2019. An expert in turning any published music into soulful and heart-wrenching covers, this Indian-American 19-year-old has garnered hundreds of millions of views, likes, followers and uses of her original audio clips. She is currently in her second year of college and is focusing on her talents as a singer, songwriter and musician. Earlier this year she released her first cover EP on multiple streaming platforms, but with a voice like hers, this is just the start of this rising artist’s journey.

Instagram: @pxrxvi

Website: paravi.lnk.to/TY4BH

TikTok: @pxrxvi


Salinda is a self-proclaimed “28-year-old, purple-haired, foul-mouthed, sarcastic, nice, kawaii yet metal human being” that creates work-of-art macaroons. She only started to dabble with macaroon-macing at the beginning of the pandemic, publishing her work and methods for her growing social media following. Soon, this quick learner began to create whimsical and cheeky creations inspired by holidays, movie references and more, using intricate piping and painting techniques. She now sells her creations through drops — releasing limited boxes of macaroons online for purchase that sell out in minutes.

Instagram: @macanomnom

Website: macanomnom.com

TikTok: @macanomnom

Salinda Ngo

Vivian Xue Rahey

Nail art isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about traditional art forms, but trust us — Vivian Xue Rahey’s nail art is the exception. She creates wearable art in the form of reusable nail sets, using the tiny bases as a canvas for portraits, landscapes, cartoons, rhinestones… you name it, she’s got it — and if she hasn't, she’ll custom-make it. She found fame through social media, documenting the painstaking process of painting more bespoke sets for her clients worldwide. A set will cost you anywhere between 50 USD and 300 USD, depending on how intricate the design is, but she guarantees that “with proper care, these nail sets can last as long as your favorite pair of jeans!”

Instagram: @vivxue

Website: pampernailartgallery.com

TikTok: @vivxue

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Tahlia Stanton

Tahlia Stenton

You have probably come across this 22-year-old artist’s process videos on your social media feeds. she enthusiastically splatters paint and scrapes it across canvases with such skill that before we know it, we’re looking at beautiful pieces filled with both human features and streaks of emotive, vibrant color. The Australian native started painting at the age of 15 and soon began selling her mixed medium pieces directly to collectors. An original Stenton could dent your wallet by up to 13,000 AUD, but she offers giclée prints of her works starting from 35 AUD on her website. 

Instagram: @tahliastanton 

Website: tahliastanton.com

TikTok: @tahliastanton


With the sex appeal to turn the head of anyone that stumbles across her videos, Faith Benson lights up TikTok’s music scene with her covers and drum additions to popular songs. The 19-year-old drummer makes up one-fourth of the band Crimson Apple, alongside her talented sisters Colby (lead vocals/keys), Shelby (lead guitar), and Carthi (bass). She is already professionally sponsored but continues to aim to please her fans with new takes on all the greatest hits while slaying in outfits we could only dream to wear. 

Instagram: @faithndrums

Website: crimsonappleband.com

TikTok: @faithndrums

Emily Bear & Abigail Barlow

Emily Bear and Abigail Barlow are each artists in their own right — the former is a composer, pianist, songwriter and singer, and the latter is an all-around musician known for her 2020 hit “Heartbreak Hotel”. In January of 2021, Barlow binged the popular Netflix series Bridgerton as it was released, and immediately wrote her first musical number “Daphne’s Song” for her TikTok followers. It gained thousands of views overnight, prompting her to reach out to Bear to produce an entire “Bridgerton The Musical” album. Documenting their entire creation process through social media posts and live streams, they produced an original soundtrack in under two months that turned into a viral, Grammy-winning album. Both together and apart, these women are creative forces of nature — we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Instagram: @barlowandbear

Website: barlowandbear.com

TikTok: @emilythebear & @abigailbarlowww

Emily Bear & Abigail Barlow

Mikayla Jane Nogueira

Starting as a beauty advisor at Ulta Beauty, Mikalya built up a following through TikTok because of her blunt opinions, bubbly personality and total honesty about her own personal life. This native Bostonian (apparent in her accent!) bought and reviewed so many pallets through the pandemic that she was able to leave her job and become a beauty influencer full time. She has recently added a collaboration with Glow Recipe to her arsenal of product affiliations, but we’re sure she’ll be creating something beautiful of her own soon!

Instagram: @mikaylajmakeup

TikTok: @mikaylanogueira

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Jacob Winter & Franki Peroff

Mush Studios

Brooklyn-based rug tufting company Mush Studios was founded by couple Jacob Winter and Franki Peroff. Originally inspired by childhood imaginations, innovation and creativity, their abstract, fluidly shaped carpet designs are playful and whimsical. They perfectly appeal to the home decor side of TikTok and Instagram, where they have amassed thousands of followers. While their pieces will set you back a whopping average of 1000USD, know that you will be purchasing an investment piece from a company that remains true to their pandemic-born roots and hand-tufts every one of their pieces. 

Instagram: @mushstudiosny

Website: mushstudios.co

TikTok: @mushstudios


If you were an American Idol fan you may have already caught this rising star on Season 12! Shubha Veluda, stylistically known as “Shuba”, got cut before the semi-finals of the show, but went on to make a much bigger name for herself through social media fame. This singer of Indian origin joined TikTok in March of 2020 and quickly gained a following of over a million followers in under 6 months due to her viral impersonations of famous singers and songs. She flawlessly creates rap verses, builds beautiful harmonies and remixes popular hits with some “desi spice”, and has recently been creating and releasing hit songs of her very own. Her aim is to bridge gaps in culture, race and beauty through her music; hopefully, those after her won’t have to “kick up [my] feet, scream at the screen, ‘ma they look nothing like I do!’”

Instagram: @shubamusic

Website: shubaofficial.com

TikTok: @tiktokbrownchick

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