9 LGBTQ+ Owned Beauty Brands I'm Obsessed With Right Now

Alli Kelly

June is Pride month and what better time of the year (besides all the time) to highlight some beauty brands owned by members of the LGBTQ+ community. Over the last few years, we’ve continued to see beauty brands feature more than cisgender, heterosexual females in their cosmetics campaigns and this representation helps to shatter the status quo. And because of this representation, the beauty industry has also made room for brands owned by non-cis/het females and normalized that makeup is for everyone.

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by any brands mentioned.

Here are 9 LGBTQ+ beauty brands I’m totally obsessed with.


NOTO Botanics

This gender-less beauty brand is not only inclusive but it’s also made from high-performing plant-based ingredients. Noto Botanics also uses environmentally friendly packaging like glass, recycled boxes, and more.


SAPPHO New Paradigm

SAPPHO New Paradigm was created 14 years ago by the makeup artist for the hit show “The L Word” after one of the cast members asked JoAnn Fowler to only apply makeup that was paraben-free to her skin. This sparked quite the journey for JoAnn, as none of the nontoxic makeup at that time showed up on camera. Now, SAPPHO New Paradigm has camera-ready clean makeup that anyone can afford.

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Jecca Blac

What started Jecca Blac was the need for a safe space for trans women in London to experiment with cosmetics. The founder, Jessica, spent years as a makeup artist in TV & film but found her passion through Jecca Blac as the top spot for trans women to attend makeup classes and express themselves fully. The Correct & Conceal Palette, “was designed to help provide long-lasting coverage for beard shadow, blemishes, and an all-over base.” The palette was the beauty industry's first concealer marketed to cover beard shadow.



One of the most inclusive brands on the market, Fluide was created for all skin tones, skin types, sexes, and genders. Fluide was founded by a mother of teenagers who saw the need for makeup for all genders. Their 7-Free Nail Polish is non-toxic and comes in a myriad of beautiful colors to choose from. I personally love the color “Rainbow Cactus”.


Jason Wu Beauty

This beauty brand is not only LGBTQ-owned, but also offers a wide range of skin tone shades, and is environmentally friendly. Jason Wu Beauty was created simply because the designer is “obsessed with beauty”. Can’t argue with that. Bonus: his lipsticks make great cheek tints and eye tints! I personally own three and rotate them regularly.

Image courtesy of @fabbeautyboss

Trixie Cosmetics

Trixie Cosmetics was created by drag queen superstar Trixie Mattel for people to have fun with makeup and enjoy packaging reminiscent of their favorite childhood toy. Since Trixie was once a makeup artist herself, she wanted to provide high-quality cosmetics at a cost-friendly price; and she did it. I’m also slightly biased because she’s from my hometown of Milwaukee, WI, but also know multiple people who are obsessed with her makeup — one of my friends wears her lipstick every day!

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Allies of Skin

Allies of Skin is the real deal. This brand is so focused on its formula, that they regularly update its products through continuous testing and research. Founder Nicolas Travis came up with the idea for Allies of Skin from his own skincare journey - and a biomedical degree to seal the deal. Although on the pricey end of the spectrum, these products truly work. I’ve never had to return a bottle or let one sit for not living up to its promise.


Well People

Well People is one of those beauty brands that nails the beauty trifecta — clean, inclusive, and affordable. They have over 35 products that are clean certified and they get the stamp of approval from dermatologists. I love the Optimist Lipstick not only because it’s affordable, but because the formula is so breezy, yet hydrating.

Boy Smells

Easily one of my top favorite scent brands, Boy Smells produces amazing candles and fragrances, sold to all genders. This brand was created in 2015 by partners in business and love, Matthew Herman and David Kien, as a way to fill the need for everyday scents that are affordable and fluid. I own multiple candles from Boy Smells and have gifted their fragrances to many happy gift-receivers. They literally never disappoint.

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