Makeup Meets Skincare: Get The Most Out Of Your Routine

Joyce Aerts

As young women, we learn that makeup and skincare are two completely different things. Skincare products work below the skin surface. Makeup products lie on top of the skin and cover up anything the skincare didn’t fix. But some lesser known makeup brands are creating innovative formulas to enhance your natural beauty while taking good care of your skin. 

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Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

Ilia is a clean beauty brand that focuses on sustainability and ingredient quality. Their Super Serum Skin Tint foundation consists of hyaluronic acid and plant-based squalane for skin hydration. Niacinamide treats breakouts, prevents clogged pores and helps to improve overall skin texture. In combination with bisabolol, an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredient, this is a great foundation for people with breakout-prone skin. 

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Kosas Tinted Face Oil

In this day and age, it’s all about subtle makeup that barely feels like makeup at all. This product fits right into that category. Kosas packed their Tinted Face Oil with no less than six botanical oils. Avocado oil for moisturizing, meadowfoam oil for plumping, red raspberry oil for healing, jojoba oil for soothing, camellia seed oil for nourishing and rosehip seed oil for brightening. This deeply hydrating skin elixir leaves your skin still looking like your skin, only more even, glowy and healthy. 

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Espressoh's ABC Concealer

Espressoh is an Italian brand that infuses its products with — you guessed it — caffeine. Caffeine is packed with antioxidants, reducing your body’s free radicals production, making it the perfect anti-ageing ingredient for their ABC Concealer. A nice way to brighten up your under-eye area while taking care of the thin skin around your eyes. 

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Tower 28 SuperDew Highlighter Balm

This translucent SuperDew Highlighter Balm gives you a natural summer glow, without any glitter or shimmer like most other highlighters. Castor seed oil, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil and shea butter lock in moisture and prevent transepidermal water loss. Calming and soothing ingredients like chamomile and green tea extract help fight irritation, acne and other skin conditions. 

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Live Tinted Hueglow

Another skin-loving highlighter is Live Tinted’s Hueglow. This three-in-one serum, moisturizer and highlighter is full of ingredients that make your skin glow. With sustainably sourced squalane as its key ingredient, it helps reduce wrinkles, eliminate scars and erase skin pigmentation. Botanicals like ginseng root reduce the visibility of wrinkles, boost hydration and even out the skin tone even more. 

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LO Lip & Cheek Tint

LO’s natural balms are packed with good nutrients. Their hydrating Lip & Cheek Tints contain almond, castor and jojoba oil, an amazing combination that leaves you with a healthy glow. Another top-notch ingredient is candelilla, a plant-based wax that resembles beeswax and leaves a protective layer on the skin. For every one of their beautiful shades, you can opt for a non-scented version. Great for people with chapped lips or sensitive skin.

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Mind you, this doesn’t mean you should throw out your skincare products and use only makeup instead. They’re makeup first, skincare second. Think of them more as a nice bonus. When shopping for makeup anyway, why not go for products that are hydrating, nourishing or skin-plumping at the same time?

Joyce Aerts

"Saying “don’t compare yourself to others” is easy. It’s inevitable, we all do it. Therefore, there’s great power in the realization that others aren’t as perfect as they appear. Edited online images don’t have dimples, bumps or wrinkles, but humans do. In order to protect ourselves, we need to change our mindsets. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then that is where we’ll start."
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