Meet Your Nemesis: Bags For The Real You

Sole Cortés

Némesis Madrid is a Spanish bag brand that we will talk about in the future. These handcrafted bags with a purpose are an invitation to embrace your inner duality through their latest collection RUIDO (noise). Némesis bags are handmade in collaboration with APRAMP, a Spanish non-profit organisation that helps victims of sex trafficking.

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Founders Eloísa Carrazo & Laura Buzón

Némesis is born in 2020 from two Spanish creatives, Eloísa Carrazo and Laura Buzón, who dreamed of portraying their own duality, the same they could observe in Madrid, the city they call home, and in everyone else. Némesis wants to channel this concept: sustainable, made-to-order customisable bags handcrafted in Madrid, to embrace the other part of you that you didn’t know existed or that you didn’t dare to become.

Megara by Némisis

Their first dual collection was released last summer, with three pieces such as Nix, Creso and Leda. Designers found inspiration in the idea of lightness and luminosity, and its proposals are soft and subtle, in delicate shapes and mellow pastel tones. Now Némesis is introducing RUIDO, the second part of this dual collection.

RUIDO is inspired by the nights out in Madrid clubs, where we are free to show a part of us that’s hidden in the light. RUIDO is a traffic jam on a Friday night, with thousands of people arriving at the party simultaneously. It’s the neon lights, the flashes and the music. It’s a Lady of the Night that flowers when the sun comes down, like that hidden energy in you.

Ática by Némisis

RUIDO is constructed by shapes and concepts that aspire to be urban, like the harsh metal in contrast with the delicate pearls. The pieces Hidra, Megara and Ática are introduced as a suggestion for darker and more electric shades. Megara is a lighter bag, with simple lines that balance the two tones combined at the customer’s liking. Hidra turns up the volume without losing the brand’s essence with a multicoloured metallic chain. Lastly, Ática is something else entirely, a piece like you’ve never seen before: a harness with chains, custom-made in order to unchain yourself. 

Meet Meet RUIDO, meet your NEMESIS.

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