Our Favourite Skin Positive Influencers & Why Their Work Matters

Joyce Aerts

You probably come across them multiple times a day while scrolling through your timeline: these perfect, poreless women with doll-like skin. We wonder how do these women get to look so flawless, while our skin isn’t anywhere near theirs. No matter how much you splurge on skincare products and optimize your routine, you’ll never look like them. And here's why.

Online images often aren’t real. And even though we all know that photoshop exists, we're not fully aware of how accessible and easy-to-use some editing apps are. Not only celebrities and influencers have access to them, but even your next door neighbour who takes bomb selfies, probably gives her skin a little airbrush. 

In the UK, 71% of people edit their pictures before posting them on social media. 

Apps like FaceTune are so easy to use, it’s like everyone has become their own professional photo editor. Not only can you erase blemishes or completely smooth out your skin, but the texture feature lets you add fine texture to the skin to make the edited image more realistic,  basically replacing real skin texture by “better” texture. 

Editing out a pimple seems pretty harmless. However, hiding little imperfections like this contributes to the problem of unattainable beauty standards. It makes us feel like they’re something to be ashamed of, even though we all have them. At this point, we’re no longer comparing ourselves to real people.

Social media can easily make you feel like you’re the only one whose face has spots, hairs and lines. These women have no problem with showing their acne, scars, stretchmarks, spots and dark circles.

Joyce Aerts

"Saying “don’t compare yourself to others” is easy. It’s inevitable, we all do it. Therefore, there’s great power in the realization that others aren’t as perfect as they appear. Edited online images don’t have dimples, bumps or wrinkles, but humans do. In order to protect ourselves, we need to change our mindsets. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then that is where we’ll start."
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