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How to Make Your Job Work for You

In my final semester of college, I took some time to reflect on my goals from graduation forward. This introspective period was vital for my uncovering of what would influence these decisions. I asked myself: Was it money? A healthy work/life balance? A quick commute? It boiled down to money. I had worked three, sometimes […]

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A Recipe to Success: Job Application Edition

Applying for jobs can get overwhelmingly exhausting, particularly if they are not successful or receive no response at all. However, during the pandemic, the stakes have been raised exponentially, making it harder for some of us to be successful in applying for our desired roles. In order to tackle these challenges, it is essential to […]

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Navigating Your Career With Endometriosis

Setting yourself up for success and navigating your work life is already hard on its own, but when a chronic illness is added to the equation, the challenge proves almost impossible for many women.  Endometriosis, often dubbed the invisible illness, is a disorder where tissue similar to the lining inside the uterus, grows outside of […]