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artil Explains: Pink Tax

Women constantly face inequality across aspects of our lives. From our personal lives to the workplace we are constantly facing biases, adding a layer of challenges in the journey to achieve our goals. Sometimes, these biases are so deeply embedded in our day-to-day lives that we hardly notice them. For example, have you ever stopped […]

Male Birth Control and Why It Isn't a Thing

Women are fertile only a few days a month whereas men produce sperm all year round. So why is it that the use of birth control isn't at the top of men’s priority list? How does this impact women’s lives? To open up the conversation, artil invited two men, who wish to remain anonymous, to […]

How To Break Up With The Patriarchy

The impact of the patriarchy on female lives is no mystery. We know our lives are deeply rooted in the patriarchy and how we’ve been indoctrinated into society as women. It’s taken many women before us to bring these concerns to light and to fight tirelessly for equality. They’ve focused on the topics of equal […]

Women are Finally Claiming Their Space in the World of Finance

Women are meeting online to discuss money and guide each other through the investment jungle. But why do females need exclusive networks to open up to the finance talk?  Swedish Linnéa Schmidt’s investment journey got kick-started by financial anxiety. When she and her boyfriend were taking out a mortgage for an apartment, “I felt like […]

Text Me When You Get Home

On March 3rd 2021, Sarah Everard went missing, walking home from a friend’s house at 9 pm. A week later, her body was found, and police officer Wayne Couzen was arrested for her kidnapping and murder. This is not an isolated case. Women worldwide take precautions walking alone after dark, clenching keys as weapons, and […]