15 Truly Inclusive Brands You Should Know

Western fashion and beauty industries have long upheld a very limited concept of what features are considered attractive, excluding those who do not conform to this rigid standard. Though many companies continue to cater mainly to thin, white, cis women, others have prioritized diversity both in their marketing strategies and in the accessibility of their […]

The Problem With Vegan Leather & 5 Good Alternatives

Leather doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to the environment. Animals are bred and killed, hundreds of litres of water are wasted, and excessive quantities of dangerous toxins are released during the tanning process. That’s why we shop for vegan leather instead. Animals remain unharmed, and “vegan” means green, eco-friendly and good for […]

How to Quit Fast Fashion Trends & Shop More Intentionally

A couple of weeks ago, an ad for a pair of zebra printed pants popped up in my feed on Instagram. Check out our new collection, the caption stated. Up until that point, I've been seeing zebra prints all over my feed and explore page. From bags to shirts to pants to even hair accessories. […]

Female Founders: Dunia Algeri

Welcome back to Female Founders, where we introduce you to women that took the plunge and founded their own businesses against the odds. Today we meet Dunia Algeri, who already runs her namesake knitwear brand Dunia Algeri Atelier and the CBD beauty brand TABA Skincare. Based in Milan, the entrepreneur completed her studies in Switzerland […]

A Queerer World, A Better Industry: Designer Rebecca Martin on Gender-Neutral Clothing & The Evolution of Fashion Norms

The battle against gender norms has been going on for years, with women asking for more equality in the workplace, men asking for respect while staying home with their children, and non-binary and transgender individuals working hard to find acceptance in society. Part of this battle also includes the way we dress. Why can’t a […]

Classic Pieces of Jewelry You'll Wear for Years (with Maslo Jewelry)

Instead of ending up in a jumble at the bottom of your jewelry box, classic pieces last for years, making them the more sustainable and ultimately more affordable option. At Maslo Jewelry, every piece is designed to stand the test of time. The brand offers a collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings finished with […]

Meet Your Nemesis: Bags For The Real You

Némesis Madrid is a Spanish bag brand that we will talk about in the future. These handcrafted bags with a purpose are an invitation to embrace your inner duality through their latest collection RUIDO (noise). Némesis bags are handmade in collaboration with APRAMP, a Spanish non-profit organisation that helps victims of sex trafficking. Disclaimer: This […]