Dressed Not Oppressed: A Feminist POV on Islamic Modesty & Veiling

For years, discussions centred around Islamic head covering and choice have turned societies to raise their voices in the name of women's rights and religious freedom. Today this discussion is more current than ever. To shed some light on this topic, artil invited two Muslim women and declared feminists to talk about religious attire, prejudice, […]

International Women's Day: Worth Celebrating, or Just Another Social Media Trend?

TW: sexual violence Promises of gender equality resound from corporate soapboxes every year on the 8th of March when the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women are celebrated around the world. I can see it now:  “We’re empowering women not just today, but every day”, says an inspirational quote from a white male […]

Is Plastic Surgery (Anti)Feminist?

In recent years, plastic surgery has become more and more mainstream. Clinics offer payment plans to make expensive procedures accessible for the masses, and package deals attract people into getting more work done for less money. A recent submovement of feminism calls undergoing such cosmetic procedures a feminist act, with the idea that feminism is […]

Cruella: Disney’s Old Villain or Your New Feminist Icon?

Cruella comes back in 2021 with a great twist on the story that everybody knows. Add a classic “dad-rock” soundtrack, a Vivienne Westwood meets Alexander McQueen costume design, and a double villain fight and you’ve got yourself the perfect movie for this summer. However, in an attempt to forge a feminist icon, Disney fails to […]