Talking Politics With Family And Friends: A Survival Guide

With political tensions running high all over the world and the holidays fast approaching, many of us are finding ourselves thinking, “What if politics comes up at the dinner table?” At this point, it’s no surprise you’re dreading this conversation. The polarization of today’s politics has inevitably led to a bigger rift between family members, […]

The World is Saying “Yes” to Consensual Sex

Yes means yes. No means no. Quite a simple and clear concept? However, many people who don't seem to understand that fact, have gotten away with crimes, for many years. For more than a decade, Amnesty International has led campaigns with the sole purpose of getting nations across the globe to discuss rape-culture and the […]

Kamala Harris: A Symbol of Hope or Tokenism?

The 20th of January 2021 marked not only the appointment of the USA’s 46th President but the beginning of a new era. After four years of outlandish lies and discriminatory policies, minority groups across America could finally breathe a sigh of relief as Trump finally left the White House. Although Trump has vowed that he […]

The Trump Victory No One Is Talking About

I understand that Donald Trump‘s support emanated from so many people who have lost hope and are frustrated by ‘conventional’ politicians who have failed them time and time again, but I detest Trump. I find him to be a deplorable character, who is narcissistic, bigoted, and reckless. As an environmentalist, feminist and equal-opportunist, he is […]