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9 LGBTQ+ Owned Beauty Brands I'm Obsessed With Right Now

June is Pride month and what better time of the year (besides all the time) to highlight some beauty brands owned by members of the LGBTQ+ community. Over the last few years, we’ve continued to see beauty brands feature more than cisgender, heterosexual females in their cosmetics campaigns and this representation helps to shatter the […]

appearance & consumerism
10 Beauty Products I'm Obsessed With Right Now #3 - The Sustainable Edition

More than likely when you’re searching for a specific beauty product, you’re looking for the product itself. Hyaluronic acid, retinol, gentle cleanser, etc. and once you’ve found the right product, it practically leaps off the shelf (or your screen) into your hand. But before you run to the checkout, have you ever thought about the […]

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Five Female Poets You Need to Read

Poetry is one of the most beautiful ways to express oneself. While some poetry can be filled with flowery language and give you a sense of tranquility, it can also be used as an outlet for the rage of injustice and pain. These five women are all stylistically and topically diverse, yet all of their […]

identity & self-development
4 Novels Reflecting on Female Adulthood

Growing up as a woman means so many specific things in itself. Not only facing the universal struggles of adulthood, but also starting to get lost amidst relationships, self-image issues, the idea of motherhood and the certainty of time passing. The unique female growing experience expands on the verge of adulthood, that frontier we cross […]

appearance & consumerism
10 Beauty Products I’m Obsessed With Right Now #1

Let me start by saying I am not a trained esthetician, makeup artist, hairstylist, or anything of the sort. I grew up with a mother who valued quality beauty products, and therefore my love started from a young age. I love the feeling of a luxury face oil as I rub it into my cheeks. […]

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3 Must-Reads About Anti-Racism & Allyship

3 books to read for those who want to learn, unlearn and become a better ally to BIPOC individuals and communities. Disclaimer: artil may get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this article, at no additional cost to our readers. "Vital and empowering What White People Can Do Next teaches each of us how […]