"The Woman in The House Across the Street from The Girl in the Window": A Perfect Portrayal of the Modern Alcoholic Woman

It’s a mouthful, I know. If you haven’t seen the original of which this series is a spoof, The Woman in The Window released on Netflix in April 2021. I recommend taking a look so you can get some context, but the show is fun regardless if you’ve seen it or not. It gave me […]

Emily in America: How One American Views Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris has not only been viewed by over 50 billion households, but it’s also one of the most dividing shows on Netflix. Americans seem to love it and French-Natives reportedly find it insulting. The portrayal of French culture in this show has been ridiculed since day one of the first season’s release, and […]

Cruella: Disney’s Old Villain or Your New Feminist Icon?

Cruella comes back in 2021 with a great twist on the story that everybody knows. Add a classic “dad-rock” soundtrack, a Vivienne Westwood meets Alexander McQueen costume design, and a double villain fight and you’ve got yourself the perfect movie for this summer. However, in an attempt to forge a feminist icon, Disney fails to […]