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The Dark Side of the Contraceptive Pill

A cornerstone for women’s sexual freedom in modern history, this type of birth control is the most used method to date, but do we know at what cost it was invented? Why don’t we have a version for the male population yet? Its roots are covered in racism and controversy, let’s discover why. We’ll draw […]

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Preparing for the War on Porn

Sex workers are under attack from multiple angles. Legislators and financial institutions are pressuring adult entertainers and the recent commotion is just the beginning, voices from the industry predict.    Luna stumbled into the sex industry when she was 20 years old. Touring the Copenhagen bar scene, the ash-blond woman with bright blue eyes ran into […]

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Friends with Benefits: Doom or Delight?

The idea of having a great time in and out of bed with a person we like and trust without any of the complications of an actual relationship sounds attractive. But is it possible to remain purely within the confines of “friendship” and yet reap the “benefits” of sex? Or was Harry right when he […]