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artil Explains: The Metaverse

The metaverse is a digital world beyond our own. It may have been a tiny shift from Facebook to Meta (if you even noticed), but what does it really mean for us? As we move to the beyond, the digital seems to increasingly overlap with the physical. But, is this a breach of our physical […]

International Women's Day: Worth Celebrating, or Just Another Social Media Trend?

TW: sexual violence Promises of gender equality resound from corporate soapboxes every year on the 8th of March when the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women are celebrated around the world. I can see it now:  “We’re empowering women not just today, but every day”, says an inspirational quote from a white male […]

I Highly Suggest A Break From Social. Here's Why:

From January 1st to January 31st, I decided to take a break from social media. That means deleting Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok off my phone for the entire month. Why?  I wanted to reconnect with myself. I needed a break from comparing myself to others. The biggest surprise to me is that I didn’t […]

"The Woman in The House Across the Street from The Girl in the Window": A Perfect Portrayal of the Modern Alcoholic Woman

It’s a mouthful, I know. If you haven’t seen the original of which this series is a spoof, The Woman in The Window released on Netflix in April 2021. I recommend taking a look so you can get some context, but the show is fun regardless if you’ve seen it or not. It gave me […]

Stop Scrolling - It's Time To Talk About Your Wellbeing!

I am confident in my belief that being an adult means more than age, following a career path, or managing obligatory tasks. Essentially, we should aim to achieve an adulting mindset, which will inevitably lead to a more positive life for ourselves, while having an encouraging impact on others.  My own definition of adulting is […]

Our Favourite Skin Positive Influencers & Why Their Work Matters

You probably come across them multiple times a day while scrolling through your timeline: these perfect, poreless women with doll-like skin. We wonder how do these women get to look so flawless, while our skin isn’t anywhere near theirs. No matter how much you splurge on skincare products and optimize your routine, you’ll never look […]

Is Plastic Surgery (Anti)Feminist?

In recent years, plastic surgery has become more and more mainstream. Clinics offer payment plans to make expensive procedures accessible for the masses, and package deals attract people into getting more work done for less money. A recent submovement of feminism calls undergoing such cosmetic procedures a feminist act, with the idea that feminism is […]

Should my Skincare Routine be Instagram-Worthy?

Social media is reshaping the beauty industry, especially Instagram and TikTok. When I open TikTok, my screen immediately floods with skincare routine videos, product recommendations, and advice from influencers and dermatologists. At first, I enjoyed it - it helped me build my routine, make my skin glow and finally get rid of my under-eye circles. […]

Spending 48 Hours in Corfu: Instagram vs Reality

Before 2019, I had never travelled on my own before. Usually, I went with my family to Florida, and I was fortunate enough to go to Costa Rica for Christmas one year. I loved travelling with my family; we all got along, had a good time, and for the most part, had mutual interests, but […]

Is Social Media Designed to Harm Us?

I have a dirty, shameful secret that I want to talk about. I read people’s incendiary comments under news articles on social media. It’s making me unhappy. But am I the one with the issue here, or is this the way social media works? That social media is unhealthy isn’t exactly what I would call […]