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Is Plastic Surgery (Anti-)Feminist?

In recent years, plastic surgery has become more and more mainstream. Clinics offer payment plans to make expensive procedures accessible for the masses, and package deals attract people into getting more work done for less money. A recent submovement of feminism calls undergoing such cosmetic procedures a feminist act, with the idea that feminism is […]

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Should my skincare routine be Instagram-worthy?

Social media is reshaping the beauty industry, especially Instagram and TikTok. When I open TikTok, my screen immediately floods with skincare routine videos, product recommendations, and advice from influencers and dermatologists. At first, I enjoyed it - it helped me build my routine, make my skin glow and finally get rid of my under-eye circles. […]

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48 Hours in Corfu: Instagram VS Reality

Before 2019, I had never travelled on my own before. Usually, I went with my family to Florida, and I was fortunate enough to go to Costa Rica for Christmas one year. I loved travelling with my family; we all got along, had a good time, and for the most part, had mutual interests, but […]