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Unpopular Opinion: "Relationship Red Flags" Are As Toxic as "Cancel Culture"

Relationship Red Flags started as a serious movement which then transformed into diverse memes and games, to the point retail companies started sharing their ‘personal’ red flags on social media. But not all of it is fun since setting boundaries shouldn’t be taken lightly. Cancel culture and the relationship red flag movement both began with […]

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Unpopular opinion: Lingerie Sucks

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and that means womxn around the world are being bombarded with red-velvet marketing trimmed with lace. Whether you find it romantic, nausea-inducing or simply irrelevant, Valentine’s day is one of the unique holidays that is celebrated around the world. And once the Hallmark companies decide it’s time, images of roses, […]

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Unpopular Opinion: It's 2022, COVID-19 Restrictions Should Be Lifted

We’re quickly rounding the corner on the two-year mark since “stay at home for two weeks to flatten the curve” became more than two and a half months of schools, universities, and nonessential businesses being closed for some countries — and that’s not including second and third lockdown durations. With vaccines becoming widely distributed, are […]