The Trump Victory No One Is Talking About

Emily Hemming

I understand that Donald Trump‘s support emanated from so many people who have lost hope and are frustrated by ‘conventional’ politicians who have failed them time and time again, but I detest Trump.

Photo by Markus Spiske

I find him to be a deplorable character, who is narcissistic, bigoted, and reckless. As an environmentalist, feminist and equal-opportunist, he is about the worst possible candidate I could hope to see at the helm of any country, let alone a powerful and influential one.

What he stands for and how he functions threatens everything we should be striving for as humans. Globally, we require leaders who are humble and compassionate visionaries, who listen to scientific reason and strive for global harmony. I believe that leading a country requires more than Trump could ever hope to offer, and the end of his reign was the triumph we so needed in 2020.

Despite these sentiments, however, there is one Trump victory that should be celebrated. 

When Trump won his 2016 presidential election, many of us were in disbelief. I remember the moment I heard he was elected, standing in a crowded bar in Melbourne Australia, which fell suddenly quiet. It seemed impossible, like a joke, that this man and his values — or lack thereof — could be president for the next four long years at least.

For the anti-Trumpers of the world, this announcement was demoralizing and could have led to a voluntary suppressing of the political mayhem that followed. Instead, as villainy often does, it made our voices stronger. 

I myself was no longer ‘bored’ by politics and opting out of politically controversial conversations. I was impassioned – full of fire and determination to voice the injustices I thought Trump perpetuated. 

Political awareness is important but political interest is empowering. Trump was the difference for me, and for so many people who were suddenly more aware than ever before of what their political opinions, opportunities, and obligations were. 

So thank you for shaking us all out of our apathy with your crude lies and insulting rhetoric, Trump, and now – good riddance.

I’m thrilled to see Joe Biden and Kamala Harris victorious. Kamala Harris herself is already making history as the first female, the first Black and Asian-South American Vice President. America is heading towards a future with brighter possibilities, and it was pleasing to hear Biden speak of unity throughout his first address. 

What happens next will surely be captivating, and the world watches with hope.

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